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Cira 1930's- Married Lovers by SlipKnotAddict829 Cira 1930's- Married Lovers :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 0 Eternity by SlipKnotAddict829 Eternity :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 0 Soul Mate Kiss by SlipKnotAddict829 Soul Mate Kiss :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. Leggett by SlipKnotAddict829 Mr. and Mrs. Leggett :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 0
Nothing in particular...
There's nothing here but goodbyes to you all;
no one comes to visit and i just want to save;
everything i can before i delete this thing;
Goodbye.. maybe not just yet.
:iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 3
Even I cry. by SlipKnotAddict829 Even I cry. :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 1 Inner Child by SlipKnotAddict829 Inner Child :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 7 Glow by SlipKnotAddict829 Glow :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 5 innocence or lack there of by SlipKnotAddict829 innocence or lack there of :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 0
Mature content
lovers touch :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 1 0
Mature content
Lovers Lust :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 1 2
Surrealism or Special Effects
Last night, was a blast.
Tonight, will be the end,
of a high She never had.
Nothing is real anymore.
It's all just Special Effects &
the reminence of a
stupid lost and broken
dream sequence.
She'll falter and break soon,
completely over take you.
You'll smile and snub her,
trying to slowly kill her.
Tainted and speaking,
everyone is leaving.
Sunlight is rotting,
stars will just keep falling.
Glitter and Glamour,
you can't stay here.
Gashed or Shot,
she is so happy- Not.
See her and ignore it,
the feelings you try to hide.
She feels it in her heart,
the extent to which you're lying.
Will you forget that,
She made you breathless?
Will you forget that,
She made you crazy?
Will you forget that,
She made you nervous?
Will you Forget her beauty,
that captured all of you?
Will you forget the girl,
who just tried to be part of your world?
Will You bother to Explain Why?
Will You stay to watch her Die?
Written to the tune of "For You" By smile empty soul.
- By Me, Ask before you Take It, and Cr
:iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 1 7
always watching by SlipKnotAddict829 always watching :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 3 amore forever by SlipKnotAddict829 amore forever :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 6 Brandon Lee in the Crow 3D by SlipKnotAddict829 Brandon Lee in the Crow 3D :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 1 I hate the way u make me CRY by SlipKnotAddict829 I hate the way u make me CRY :iconslipknotaddict829:SlipKnotAddict829 0 0


'Happily Ever After'
     She walked with her her head held high. Looking at her, you would've thought she was just confidant. At a distance, she could be just another pretty face. But to get close to her, you could never even begin to know what she'd been through.
     She'd never been an overly happy girl in high school. She was content to just be her. She didn't let people change her. The events in her life did. Her boyfriend loved her for just her. When her world came crashing down, he was there. They just sat and talked for hours about nothing. He completed her.
     They stayed together throughout high school and then college. She called her mom every night just to say "hi". Then she brought him home to meet her parents. "Don't scare him off Daddy," she said with a Look. He just smiled. Then her dad took him into the dining room to "chat".
     She never seen it coming. He sat her on the couch, and then got down on one knee. She gasped and brought her hands to her mouth. "Will you marry me?" he asked
:iconslacker7389:slacker7389 2 6
By: Nicolas N.
Woe besets me,
as I continue down this abyssal spiral.
The golden cord of hope,
too far for me to reach.
I claw at the walls of my prison,
while my life slides down in crimson rivers.
A broken heart,
to match a broken mind.
Pluck upon the strings of my heart,
they no longer play joyous melodies.
The flames of passion,
shall be my funeral pyre.
:icondarksideofnick:DarksideofNick 3 24
The Narrow Hallway
The Narrow Hallway.
By: Nicolas N.
Walk down the narrow hallway;
with it's black and white pattern.
You only see the narrow hallway;
you know not what lies outside it.
You trust the hallway,
and with it you judge.
Opportunity would knock;
if it could find a door.
There are no windows;
through which the thoughts of others could get in.
Ignorant to the world outside;
you shun that which is not in the hallway.
Only the narrow hallway;
with it's black and white pattern.
:icondarksideofnick:DarksideofNick 1 14
The Second Coming
We live in a fucked up world
And we know it won't change
We feed our babies candied shit
Teach them to love the stench
We watch their smiles solidify
The human skin becomes a plastic mold
We learn to love misery
And happiness is as in vogue as suicide
My gods want to break loose
I feel my skin wrench around
I think I might've seen this before
Somewhere inside of my TV
I'm knocking to no answer
"Wake up" but nothing changes
We'll grow accustomed to this too
Complacence is contentment
The youth of tomorrow aren't promising
So we'll overconsume now to even it out
We live in a fucked up world
And don't want it to change
I feel so silent now
The gears turn but no results
What if I were Christ reincarnate?
You've done yourselves the greatest disservice
:iconbabys1stcoffin:babys1stcoffin 2 8



Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Hell, Florida
Favourite genre of music: Rap, Rock, Country, Techno, Everything.
Favourite photographer: me/Meggo/ others
Favourite style of art: Black and White
MP3 player of choice: Sansa e250
Shell of choice: chocolate :) over chocolate Icecream
Wallpaper of choice: Me & My Love
Skin of choice: soft, warm, :-p teehee
Favourite cartoon character: Anastasia
Personal Quote: Forever, my False Prophet. Always, this Agony.
  • Listening to: Insane Clown Posse - My Axe
  • Reading: News Articles for School
  • Watching: Trippy Digital Show on WMP
  • Playing: Words over in my head that he's said.
  • Eating: Noodles & Italian Salad Dressing
  • Drinking: Moutain Dew
Life is kindof shitty right now; My Relationship is strong and full of life.

But everything else just kindof sucks... he's grounded for like ever now...

and it's bull shit what ever.

I just want everything to be just fine. Forever

I'm out



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Awesome gallery you've got there. Excellent use of form & color, the detailing is superb too. Keep up the good work! Oh, and feel free to drop by my gallery sometime to say, "hi".

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i'm sick of being fourteen and feeling like im 60 grrr.. but then again none of you really care how i feel...
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okay so ... shoot me .. now..
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im BEGGIN you
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they ache
and so does my heart
smiling though
youre tearin me apart
SlipKnotAddict829 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004   Writer
can you tell im all emo :sadangel: ... fuck...

to think that smile of *yours* still breaks me
N :gun:
i would tell you i dont care anymore but then i would be lying through my already forced smile.....
SlipKnotAddict829 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2004   Writer
:sadangel: :bleh: :evileyes: :blackrose: :upset: :cries: :raincloud: :shakefist: :slap: :missmisery:

call me stupid call me whatever...
but i still care...
fuck me...
i fucking hate me..
i should die...
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